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Graphic Design Course in Bangalore

Graphic Design Course in Bangalore

Graphic Design Course in Bangalore

Join the best Graphic Design Course in Bangalore hosted by industry experts @ Neoncareer. Graphic Design is a very vast subject and has a very long history. Its presence could be found even before the computers came into our lives. Designs and paintings were created even before the human civilization. There are paintings found in caves that are thousands of years old which is an evidence of the presence of graphic design since early times. Ever since the old times graphic design was used to convey or present a message through the means of drawings, sketches, paintings and sculptures etc. In modern times its widely used for the purpose of advertisement and propaganda.

It was after the invention of printing technology that graphic design got more importance. It is said that printing was first invented by Chinese during 6th century. They probably used wooden blocks for stamping on cloths and papers. Later during the industrial revolution printing technology was further more improvised and vastly used. The term graphics design exploded and became more popular around 19th century that eventually created a lot of career opportunities.

Application of graphic design in advertisement

When it comes to printing and advertisement, graphic design plays a greater role in brand promotion. Its often used in designing of  graphic elements such as logos, brochures, leaflets, magazines, newsletters, typographic elements and more. It has a major role in print media especially the book publishing industry. Graphic design is not just limited to these, it can also be used in other creative works. For instance it could be applied to design art works for T-Shirts, coffee mugs, mobile covers, CD/DVD covers, stickers, labels, packaging materials, advertising on buses and what not. Graphic design is present in every aspect in today’s life style. Even you can see printed graphics on medicine packing, grocery packing, chocolate wrappers and on almost every things that you use everyday.

Graphic design is not only limited for printing but it is also used to create digital art works for online and video production. Graphic elements are required to create websites, mobile apps, online games, animations etc.

What computer skills are normally required to become a Graphic Designer?

There are various software for different purposes as graphic design involves various activities such as image editing, typography, vector arts, layout design and more. Refer the below to get a rough idea about the software skills that a graphic designer might require:

  • For image editing: Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Corelphoto Paint, Gimp, Krita etc could be used. Among the mentioned Adobe Photoshop is a robust tool and is widely used by designers all over the world.
  • For vector artworks: Software such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Open office Draw, Lire Draw etc could be used. Among these CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator are most used.
  • For typography and layouts: Software such as Adobe Indesign, QuarkXPress, Scribus, Lucidpress, VivaDesigner, Canva, Microsoft Office Publisher etc could be used. Among these the most widely used software are Adobe Indesign and QuarkXPress.

Hence graphic design is an evergreen and a lucrative field as a career with tons of opportunities. Chat with us for more information about Graphic Design Course in Bangalore, a free consultation and demo

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