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Illustrator Classes in Bangalore

Illustrator Classes in Bangalore

Illustrator Classes in Bangalore

If you are looking for Illustrator Classes in Bangalore then you are on the right website. Adobe Illustrator is a robust vector graphics software developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. The first version was Illustrator 1.0 which was released for mac operating systems around 1987. And the latest release is Illustrator CC 2021. CorelDraw is the biggest competitor of Illustrator at the moment. Illustrator is more sophisticated when compared with CorelDraw and is used for advanced vector graphics creation.

Some of the best premium Illustrator similar software: CorelDraw, Affinity Designer, BoxySVG, Gravit Designer PRO etc.

Some of the best free or open source Illustrator similar software: First on the line is Inkscape, then come other software such as Vectr, Apache OpenOffice Draw, LibreOffice draw etc.

What is Illustrator used for? What can you do with Adobe Illustrator?

You can use Illustrator to create logos, icons, vector graphic illustrations, complex typographic artworks, business cards, brochures, posters, flyers, magazines, info-graphic artworks, buttons, social media ads, T-Shirt design, signage design and much more for printing as well as web platform. In recent days web designers have also adopted Illustrator for website mock-up and prototyping since the artworks can be resized and scaled without the loss of quality. There is another thing that you can do using Illustrator and that is that you can create PDF documents and SVG(Scalable vector graphics) artworks too. And so the possibilities are endless indeed!

Who uses Adobe Illustrator?

Illustrator as already mentioned is quite an advanced tool and can be used in various fields due to its versatility. Today one can find Illustrator being used in almost all fields. It is not only used in Graphic Design industry but also it can be used in other fields too. Say for example it can be used to create 2D CAD drawings, T-Shirt designs, Fashion Design, Packaging Design and many more. Since it can easily handle complex nodes and bigger file size, it is a great software application to create mind blowing vector graphics whether simple or complex.

How hard is it to learn Adobe Illustrator? And could you make a living with it?

As already said that Illustrator is an advanced software, so it might require some extra time to learn and master it as compared with other graphic software. To gain a decent amount of knowledge you will need to spend at least 50 – 60 hrs.

When it comes to earnings and if you want to choose a graphic software that could make a high pay to you then Illustrator should be your first choice. In fact Illustrator designers are drawing an average salary of 22000 INR per month in India. The average salary for designers abroad is twice or thrice the amount they earn in India. Join our demo class to know more about Illustrator Classes in Bangalore.

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