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SQL Language Training – SQL Training Institute in Jayanagar Bangalore

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard language to query a database.In relational database systems(RDBMS) SQL is standard language to interact with databases. Contact us Now for SQL training institute in Jayanagar Bangalore.

sql training institute in jayanagar bangalore

If we just go back to have at the history of SQL it can be put as follows

Founded in mid 1970’s by IBM
Oracle incorporated in 1979
for Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) by ANSI in 1986

Benifits of SQL

Non procedural Language-works on sets of data
Language for all users like
System Administrator
Database Administrator
Application Programmer(Software Developer)
End user
Management Personnel

SQL is a programming language which focuses on managing relational databases. some of SQL statements are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, and DROP.etc
All the databases supports SQL Queries.
Very Basic operations of SQL are grouped into 3 catagories

-Data Definition Language(DDL)
Data Manipulation Language(DML)
Data Control Language(DCL)

Data Definition Language(DDL) used to structuring the databse or table
Some SQL statements belongs to this catagory are CREATE, ALTER, DROP, RENAME

Data Manipulation Language (DML) is used for data manipulation of database or table.Some statements are SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE.

Data Control Language(DCL) used for securing database or table.Some statements are

PL SQL basically stands for “Procedural Language extensions to SQL.”.PL/SQL is a combination of SQL along with the procedural features of programming languages.
PL-SQL is a programming language SQL, used to write full programs using variables, loops,operators etc. to carry out multiple selects/inserts/updates/deletes.
PL/SQL is used to write program blocks, functions, procedures triggers,and packages.

PL/SQL reduces network trafic between client-server environment.
IT supports DML, cursur operations, exceptions, transaction

It was developed by Oracle

Major Database Vendors are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.MS Access, Mysql,

Contact us Now for SQL training institute in Jayanagar Bangalore.

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